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LIVING CONSCIOUSLY: There are good reasons why people don’t live consciously. At least two good reasons. First, we never learned the skills required to live consciously—that’s what the Live Conscious community is about, learning and practicing those skills. Second, when we are awake we are more aware of the things that create existential anxiety: feeling alone, fearing death and facing uncertainty. One solution is to avoid these things by distracting ourselves. Another solution is to move beyond our fears by expanding our consciousness.

What are the keys to living a meaningful life and having healthy relationships?

Interested in having a meaningful life and healthier relationships? What can I say? I could talk about the importance of developing excellent communication skills and knowing how to express your emotions maturely. Or, I could listen to you talk about your problems,...

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Wake Yourself Up — live on the wild side

Shoes Patent Ellie 8401 Women's Red Pump “We use the word “wilderness,” but perhaps we mean wildness. Isn’t that why I’ve come here, to seek the wildness in myself and, in so doing, come on the wildness everywhere, because after all, I’m part of nature too.”   Gretel Ehrlich Gretel was considering wildness...

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The Experiment of a Lifetime

I’m in the midst of the most profound experiment I’ve ever done. I wrote about this idea in a previous article, and now I can unequivocally state that the results are not only mind opening but heart opening. For the first time in my life, I understand the famous T.S....

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Quit Resisting Yourself

My whole life I have resisted owning my gifts, my beauty and the fullness of my heart. A wise man who knew this about me asked, “Why do you resist such great stuff?” My answer is that I resist what is unfamiliar and being happy, feeling full and exhilarated every...

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Thrilled To Be Alive

Most of my life I have worked hard to figure out ways to make myself happier and to be a better person. Up until a year ago if you asked me, I would have told you I was pleased with my results . . . but even back then there was something niggling around in the back of...

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Patent Women's 8401 Shoes Pump Ellie Red Are you living the life you want to be living—an inspired life? What’s it take to live an inspired life? We learned so much about this in the past year since we were inspired to sell our house in Santa Fe and move to Hawaii. It was pure inspiration. And we acted...

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Is Your Compassion Conditional or Unconditional?

Are you a compassionate person? I suspect that most people will answer by saying things like, “most of the time,” or “generally, yes.” But I’m intentionally looking for a “yes” or a “no” answer. And although this may cause some people to squirm a little, there’s a...

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This one-hour webinar provides a basic overview of our new model: Three Degrees of Consciousness. Spending time listening to this will give you the basic understanding needed to access and navigate safety,  heart, and spacious consciousness. Please let us know if you...

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Part 2: Trying To Be Present Creates Anxiety—Creating Presence Reduces Anxiety

So, you want to learn to be present—to live in the moment? There are times and places when this may be helpful, but in Part 2 of this article I want to point out that trying to be present may be contributing to your anxiety. Why? Because when we think about being in...

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Part 1: Trying To Be Present Creates Anxiety — Creating Presence Reduces Anxiety

8401 Ellie Patent Red Pump Shoes Women's Why are so many of us exploring mindfulness practices, meditation, and yoga? I believe this is because as the velocity of our lives increases, we seek to create balance by creating some spaciousness in our lives. This is certainly true for me—I want more spaciousness....

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Learn To Work With Your 3 Emotional States

Would you like to live in alignment with yourself so that no matter what’s going on around you . . . you stay connected to yourself and honor yourself? If so, read on, because there is a way to live without all of the emotional ups and downs. These up and down cycles,...

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Life Consists of Three Kinds of Moments

There is a different way to live—a better way—for those of us seeking to be lovers of life. What does that mean? It means to love life—your life—without resistance. When we learn to live this way we spend most of our time in the present moment of possibilities. These...

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Live Wisely, Think Deeply, Love Generously

A meaningful life guaranteed If we live wisely, think deeply, and love generously we can guarantee ourselves a wonderfully meaningful life. Why wouldn’t we do this? Is it, as Pope Francis says, that we no longer hear the wisdom of the great sages of the past because...

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What Awaits You On The Other Side?

Imagine you are walking down a dusty road between two tall hedges and carrying a heavy load. This is the road of an ordinary life. You notice that some people get ahead of you and some fall behind.  You have struggled at times along this road to keep up, to get ahead,...

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The Secret to Why You Are the Way you Are:
Your Timeline

There were three kids in my family. I was the youngest. I’m quite certain that each of us felt fully loved when we were infants. We received lots of attention and were kept safe. We were raised with the same values and in the same environment, yet we turned into three...

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The Worst Thing I Almost Ever Did To Myself

If you consistently read our blogs you know that, recently, my mother passed away. The way I have processed her death has been very—I’m searching for right word—nourishing, affirming, enlightening. These seem like strange words to use when talking about losing...

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Kyoto, Japan It is Tuesday evening in Kyoto, Japan. We have just finished conducting a Live Conscious Retreat. In our retreats, all participants use pseudonyms, no one uses their real name. For this retreat Hannah chose the name “Yuuki”, which is the...

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Alone Together

We each embrace beliefs that shape our lives. Do you believe you are alone or do you believe that we are together? And what about your tribe—which might be your family, religion, or whatever community you identify with. Does your tribe stand alone or together with...

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Travel That Changes You

Travel that changes you The retreats we offer are not just for recreation, but also re-creation. If you want to re-create yourself—find your purpose, re-boot a special relationship, or re-connect with yourself—those are great reasons to join one of our retreats. When...

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