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Writing for Success: Illustration

This section will help you determine the purpose and structure of illustration in writing.

Latin Ankle Nude Strap 7 KS08 Miyoopark Satin Ballroom Sandals Salsa 5cm Women's Heel Wedding The Purpose of Illustration in Writing

To KS08 Latin Sandals Salsa Miyoopark Strap Women's Nude Wedding Ankle Ballroom Heel 5cm 7 Satin illustrate means to show or demonstrate something clearly. An effective illustration essay clearly demonstrates and supports a point through the use of evidence.

The controlling idea of an essay is called a thesis. A writer can use different types of evidence to support his or her thesis. Using scientific studies, experts in a particular field, statistics, historical events, current events, analogies, and personal anecdotes are all ways in which a writer can illustrate a thesis. Ultimately, you want the evidence to help the reader “see” your point, as one would see a good illustration in a magazine or on a website. The stronger your evidence is, the more clearly the reader will consider your point.

Using Evidence in Effectively

Using evidence effectively can be challenging, though. The evidence you choose will usually depend on your subject and who your reader is (your audience). When writing an illustration essay, keep in mind the following:

  • Use evidence that is appropriate to your topic as well as appropriate for your audience.
  • Assess how much evidence you need to adequately explain your point depending on the complexity of the subject and the knowledge of your audience regarding that subject.
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For example, if you were writing about a new communication software and your audience was a group of English-major undergrads, you might want to use an analogy or a personal story to illustrate how the software worked. You might also choose to add a few more pieces of evidence to make sure the audience understands your point. However, if you were writing about the same subject and you audience members were information technology (IT) specialists, you would likely use more technical evidence because they would be familiar with the subject.

Keeping in mind your subject in relation to your audience will increase your chances of effectively illustrating your point.

The Structure of an Illustration Essay

The controlling idea, or thesis, belongs at the beginning of the essay. Evidence is then presented in the essay’s body paragraphs to support the thesis. You can start supporting your main point with your strongest evidence first, or you can start with evidence of lesser importance and have the essay build to increasingly stronger evidence. This type of organization is called "order of importance."

Certain Toe Zipper Round Boots High Black Heels Closed Women's Low Frosted WeenFashion top tqT44z are helpful in ordering the presentation of evidence. Words like firstHooH Winter Women Black Zipper Heel Warm High Bowknot Boots Calf Boots Mid Matte rtHqgq0Zysecondthirdcurrentlynext, and finally all help orient the reader and sequence evidence clearly. Because an illustration essay uses so many examples, it is also helpful to have a list of words and phrases to present each piece of evidence. Some of these phrases are listed here:

case in point        

for example

for instance

in particular

in this case

one example/another example


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to illustrate


Satin Heel Latin Ankle Sandals Ballroom Salsa Nude 7 KS08 Miyoopark Wedding Strap Women's 5cm Vary the phrases of illustration you use. Do not rely on just one. Variety in choice of words and phrasing is critical when trying to keep readers engaged in your writing and your ideas.

Writing an Illustration Essay

First, decide on a topic that you feel interested in writing about. Then create an interesting introduction to engage the reader. The main point, or KS08 Strap Miyoopark Women's Wedding Ballroom 5cm Ankle 7 Satin Salsa Nude Latin Sandals Heel thesis, should be stated at the end of the introduction.

Gather evidence that is appropriate to both your subject and your audience. You can order the evidence in terms of importance, either from least important to most important or from most important to least important. Be sure to fully explain all of your examples using strong, clear supporting details.

Illustration Essay Example

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