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ambiguous sexuality

Psychology Acquired sexual discordance in which an individual's phenotype and genotype are ♂–or ♀, but his/her 'psychotype' is ♀–or ♂, and thus requires transsexual conversion. See Transsexuality.
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It's another flawless embodiment of the emotionally crippled male psyche, deliciously complicated by an ambiguous sexuality and a softly spoken fastidiousness that doesn't extend to personal relationships, except for an uncomfortably close bond to a ferocious, purse-lipped sister, played by Lesley Manville They are a formidable double act and you genuinely fear for the sanity of a sweet-natured waitress (Vicky Krieps, pictured with Day-Lewis) when she strays into the siblings' tortuous web.
It is another flawless embodiment of the emotionally crippled male psyche, HHHH H an ambiguous sexuality and a softly-spoken fastidiousness that doesn't extend to personal relationships.
An introduction by the translator gives an overview of the novelistAEs life and career and points to themes from his writing to look for in the memoir, such as images of women as mother, femme fatale, and harlot, as well as themes of ambiguous sexuality and homosexuality.
Logo tees, leggings and stirrup pants are made for the new fashion market that is markedly younger and quirkier, with an ambiguous sexuality and a romantic spirit.
The painter had a knack not just for keeping himself and his art slightly ajar but for serving up eccentricity and ambiguous sexuality, though it was all suitably distanced from gratuitous scandal; Huvudgigarens frukost (Headhunter's Breakfast), 1940-42, showing cannibals feverishly dancing around shrunken heads lined up like so many cabbages in a grocer's window, is a naughty folly worthy of the Bomarzo gardens or a Marx Brothers comedy.
When a main character represents the archetype of an orisha or practices Santeria, some form of overt or ambiguous sexuality will be the theme.
Vidal tamped his enthusiasm for Buchanan Dying because he thought Updike skirted the matter of Buchanan's ambiguous sexuality.
Pulham proposes that Lee's ambiguous sexuality has a formal relationship with her stories of the fantastic--that her literary and psychic spaces overlap.
Hinjras, or eunuchs, are one of India's most mysterious people; they earn money by flaunting their ambiguous sexuality but remain secretive about their personal lives.
Same-sex interaction is not a frequent topic in Mesopotamian literature, but neither is it unknown: the Epic of Gilgames, the Middle Assyrian Laws, excerpts from omen literature, and texts referring to people with ambiguous sexuality are regularly mentioned when the issue of homosexuality is raised with regard to cuneiform sources.
It would be a risky endeavor for any lesser artist to take on someone as revered and beloved as Springfield, but Lynne really makes the songs her own, while at the same time paying respect to an artist with whom she shares much in common--not the least of which is her ambiguous sexuality.
Efron's ambiguous sexuality is never in doubt; Piroyaski evokes much sympathy.